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How to Upload Video to Pinterest

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How to Upload Video to Pinterest

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How to Upload Video to Pinterest

Many of you have been asking how to get the native video player for Pinterest. Up until recently, you could only get access if you ran a video ad. Things have changed! Now you can upload video to Pinterest organically and get the player!

First, make sure the following specs are in place:

  • File type: MP4 or MOV
  • Max size: 2GB, or less; 30 min, or less
  • Aspect ratio: Square (1:1); Vertical (9:16)
  • Resolution: Min 240p
  • Frame rate: Minimum 25fps

*Big thanks to Kristie Hill for this.

Now, how to do it! A second thanks to Lindsay from Cotter Crunch for the step-by-step.

Step 1: Click on the ‘+’ sign in the upper left of the screen to “upload a video”.

Step 2: The next screen will pop up for you to upload your video and they’ve given all the right specs needed to the right of the upload box. Upload a square version of the video. (1:1) Note that it could take a while for the video to upload.

Step 3: Capture the thumbnail shots you want while it’s uploading or choose a custom thumbnail.

Choose from the thumbnail options below the video.

Step 4: Add your description and website URL.

Step 5: Pick a board for your video.

Step 6: Wait for it to upload. Don’t worry if you get this warning, it’s not a promoted video that you’re paying for.

Step 7: Share the video with your people! Grab the pin link and share on other social channels or your email list.

That’s it! Easy peasy way to upload a video to Pinterest. If you’re a food and recipe blogger this is such a great tool for drawing in new followers. Create a board dedicated to your videos. Instead of titling it your blog videos get creative with the keyword search. Something like gluten-free recipe videos.

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