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The 2018 Ultimate Pinterest Planner


The 2018 Ultimate Pinterest Planner

I can’t believe it’s already time to launch the 2018 Ultimate Pinterest planner! To celebrate, I’ve brought back one of my favorite people to have on the podcast and a five-time repeat guest, Alisa Meredith. In case you missed any of our previous episodes, Alisa is the content genius at Tailwind.

For the past two years, Tailwind has put out a Pinterest planner. I’ve also published the Ultimate Pinterest planner in 2016 and 2017. This year, we are joining forces to create the 2018 Ultimate Pinterest Planner. Special thanks to Tina (my creative director), who spearheaded the creative process, and tolerated our crazy editing schedules!

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Why You Need a Planner

If you’ve been managing your own Pinterest since you started, you might not even see the need for a planner. I asked Alisa to share with us why she thinks a planner is a necessary part of your overall Pinterest strategy.

  • Having a plan. If you just pin to your account willy-nilly, don’t be surprised when you don’t see the results you were hoping for. You need a marketing plan or else you will have nothing to show for your effort.
  • Setting priorities. We all have enough to do to fill 35 hours in a day. Unfortunately, we only get 24. Without a plan for our Pinterest marketing, we can waste the time we could have used to really grow our account by doing things that won’t bring results in the long-term.
  • Doing what works. You can’t keep doing what works if you don’t know what works! You want to repeat the things that were successful for you in the past and stop doing the things that wasted your valuable time. Planning your Pinterest marketing is a great way to see real progress and know that you are reaching your intended audience.

The 2018 Ultimate Pinterest Planner: What You’ll Find Inside

When you open the Ultimate Pinterest Planner, you’ll see that each month includes What to Pin, What to Promote, and Content Planning Ideas.

I must admit that brainstorming content ideas is one of my favorite things to do. The team ended up limiting me to six ideas for each month in this planner because the number of ideas was getting out of control. I clearly adore planning content and have no lack of ideas on what to pin every month of the year (don’t believe me? See my ideas on what to pin in September, October, November & December).

You’ll also find Tips of the Month and Action Items included in the planner. These are not the same ones that have been included in past planners. Alisa points out that if you go through the planner month-by-month, when the new year comes you’re ready to go through it again. So even if some ideas are similar to past items, there are no throw-away ideas in this planner.

This time around, we’ve also included some of our favorite posts in the front of the planner as hyperlinks. In addition, there’s a link for a FREE month of Tailwind. You can click right through to those before printing your planner.

If you are brand new to Tailwind, and Pinterest marketing in general, be sure to work through these action items step-by-step. They will give you a solid foundation to work from.

We could hand this planner to someone who has zero experience with Pinterest, and by the end, they will be comfortable doing their own Pinterest marketing.


Pinterest content planning just got a whole lot easier with 2018 Ultimate Pinterest Planner

Tracking Stats

One of the most important parts of a Pinterest marketing plan is knowing what is working and what isn’t. For that, you need stats.

Here at Simple Pin, we rely on analytics to see how to move forward with our clients’ accounts. Because of that, and because Tailwind also provides great analytics, we have included a section in the planner for tracking your stats.

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Using the Planner Effectively

Having a planner as you start the new year is great, but if you don’t use it to its full effectiveness, it’s a waste. Let’s talk about how to best use the 2018 Ultimate Pinterest Planner so that you get the full benefits.

  • Have a plan. It is always best to begin with a plan, but if you don’t have one, just know that following the outline in this planner will get you on the right track.
  • Take advantage of the time you have. Not having a Pinterest strategy is a good way to get nowhere fast, but using this planner will help you take steps toward growth. In the end, you will be more comfortable with marketing on Pinterest, while continuing to grow your account in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Use the content ideas. Knowing what you should be pinning in each month will help you know what content you need to be creating in time to have pins for that content. You can plan ahead so you avoid the panicked feeling of not having your posts ready in time for the season you need them for.


If you’ve used my planner in the past, you are probably familiar with how it works. If not, let me share with you a couple of things you need to know –

  • It’s FREE. Yes, it’s completely free.
  • It’s full color. You can print it and get it bound at an office supply store.

Be sure to let us know on social media if you print yours out! You can tag us on social media @tailwindapp or @simplepinmedia. Use the hashtag #ultimatepinterestplanner. We love to see your amazing ideas on how you use the planner.

Click here to get your copy of the 2018 Ultimate Pinterest Planner today! And leave feedback in the comments on how you see yourself using it to level up your Pinterest strategy for 2018!

Time Stamp-
4:10 Why You Need a Planner
10:00 What you’ll Find Inside
14:00 Tracking Stats
16:35 Using the Planner Effectively
20:00 Wrap-up

Take Your Pinterest Marketing to the Next Level!

Pinterest planner

What’s included?
• Monthly action tips
• What’s trending
• Exclusive pinning checklist
• Plus, so much more!

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